The reviews below are for Double H Ranches, Intl. – Kelsie & Melissa – Vol 1. 

I am deeply humbled and very thankful for the kind words and great reviews. They gave me the courage to write Vol. 2 about Ginny. You see her mentioned in Vol. 1, but her story is in the newest book as she takes us along on her wild adventures as she makes her way to the ranch to become the newest hucow. The second book about Ginny is much longer than the first because she had some wild times on her way to the ranch. My deepest thanks to everyone who took the time to review and five star my first book. I am currently writing my third novella about Cassie, a wild Texas girl who is going to be a great addition to the girls at the ranch already. You know the hucows on the ranch will give her a warm and sexy welcome that will help her feel right at home. 




Amazon reviewer:

“A great read in the erotica genre. The author did a great job in presenting the strong friendship shared between both characters, making it very believable. The scenes are described well, and I could vividly picture everything in my mind. The story held my attention, from beginning to end. I hope the author writes a sequel!”  (Amazon verified purchaser)

Amazon reviewer:

Taime Wyld has a knack for sensuality, an eye for detail and an incredibly vivid imagination! This book will have you salivating and waiting in the edge of your seat for the next one! Fun, sexy and wonderfully erotic!

Goodreads reviewer:
** spoiler alert ** I’d love a job like theirs! I liked that the women were treated well. I have read both good and bad in this genre and some were disturbing or had huge typos. There are some great authors out there for this genre, she appears new to the genre and I hope she continues. Enjoyed the book, note it is a very specialized area of erotica involving #erotica #erotica #hucow #taime #wyld ">#hucow #taime #wyld ">#erotica #hucow #taime #wyld ">#hucows #erotica #hucow #taime #wyld ">#hucow #erotica

5 stars given by a Goodreads reader

Ginny – Vol 2. 
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This book was entertaining, hard to put down. The characters were interesting, and you really got to know the main character. I can’t wait to read another book by Taime Wyld.